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Travel into the back country of any place has inherent dangers. Take precautions.

I saw it, photographed it, and it may not be like that any more.

The summer is usually hot. Drink lots of water.

There can be animals and critters about that might hurt you. You are traveling in their back yard, not your own.

The fact of the matter is that in some places and with some species you are not at the top of the food chain. You just might end up as dinner, or you might chance upon a rattlesnake that does not view you as a friend.

Weather changes quickly.

The day that started out with clear blue skies can quickly, within a matter of hours, become a nightmare of lightning and rain that is just a degree or two above freezing.

I've started out hiking in 80 degree weather at the bottom of a mountain only to find hail and 35 degrees at the top.

Be prepared. Tennies and a single bottle of water is not preparation for a summer hike in the mountains.

Bottom line, you are responsible for you. I am not.