It's Over, Finally! - Well, Almost

August 8, 2000

Friday, August 4, 2:30pm.

Mrs. NSR came home from her "rotation" after being granted another week's vacation, since the Physician she had been working with was taking next week off.

What's it mean...

School's OUT -

Well, till she starts the next degree I suppose, since she does like the idea of a PhD...

Well there is the issue of 2 more little tests, and the one BIG one, Board Certification - but we all suspect that she will ace it, like all the others.

6 Years of "re-education" - now that the kiddies were getting older, and she wanted something to do, and to help pay for the colleges that the NSR babies were hopefully going to attend...

LPN - then RN, then BSN then finally - PA - Physician's assistant, for those who don't know... kinda a "doctor Lite"

I think we might nick her DL or something like that... .she could have been one in real life, but wanted children more than Med school.

So.. she is portable, I am portable, and the resume's have been flying out the door.

Now we just gotta land something in the same place, and hopefully a place where the sun shines, frequently, as in OFTEN or ALL THE TIME.

Way to Go MRS NSR, congrats to you.