She Said, He Said

March 3, 2000

It wasn't quite that direct of a connection, although direct enough.

She wrote, I read, and remembered.

It stayed with me, and then while reading a book about childhood and parenting, something came to me.

I wrote it down.

That's one of the things I like most about writing places on the web. . The reading and the ideas that begin to swirl 'round in my head, popping out on the screen at any unknown time. I found the piece I wrote last year and wanted to re-post it, but first I asked for its genesis to be reposted.

Kindly, it was. Originally penned by the writer known as ~T~ and know known as Chrysalis, her piece is called Devil's Advocate and I am grateful that she reposted it.

That's what she said.

He said:

The Master

Shards of rock lay on the artist's floor.
On the white pedestal sits his masterpiece
Smooth cold hard Italian Marble.
Black as night
Veined with white.

A heart made of polished stone
The image of the essence of life.

On this night
The artist's master entered the room
Took mallet and chisel
Smashed the cold marble into a thousand pieces.

From inside that stone he picked up a beating heart
And handed it to me