Diary Overhaul

April 30, 2000

Tonight I started a long over due overhaul of the format of this diary.

I looked over quite a few diaries on the web, mostly those which are in the No Spring Chicken (now long gone from the web) group, to see how their title or "splash" page is set up. It appears that most post their most recent entry right on the splash page, or link directly to the diary.

Since it seemed that some folks would find my splash page, but not bother to enter the "domain" pages, I decided to do away with the second door to the site. We'll see if it will make any change to the downstream readership.

Sunny today, and very mild. I tended the tulips, cleaned out one of the flower beds and then went to work on changing the handlebars on my Harley. I bought the bars on Saturday, pending a test drive of the latest and greatest BMW. The test drive was somewhat of a flop, since Mrs. NSR got her head banged around by the wind, far more than on the Harley. So, until the "right" bike is found, I decided to at least make this one as comfortable as possible.

Well, back to diary issues, now that the basic changes have been made, all I have to do is go to each and every diary entry and change the link to the home page, and change the links between the current entries and the archived ones.

Simple eh... Mrs. NSR said she did not want to hear about it and walked away groaning.

At least I got my quota of sunshine this weekend.