California Dreaming

September 22, 2000


Well, because it's raining here again, and we have already had in the month of september, about as much rain as San Diego gets in a year.

It's raining again.

Did I say it was raining?

I'ts cold here again. This morning, although it was not raining when I got to the outdoor pool where I swim, it was a balmy 45 degrees, and the water was only 74 degrees. Chilly swim.

Monday will be the last "outdoor" swim day for me till next spring. The pool gets covered with one of those tennis type bubbles - so it can be used "year round."

Sometimes the airlock doors to the pool get "frozen" open, and the sub zero air cools you down before you get to the bubble.

The sun shines in San Diego, lots and lots.

My backyard pool is being covered tomorrow.

The two kiddies and I boogie boarded the greatest waves off Carlsbad on Tuesday. I told my son it was 50 and raining back in Michigan. "Sucks for them" was the reply as he caught another wave.

Did I mention the cold rain?

The leaves are turning, and although this is a very pretty season, soon we will be left with bare stalks of trees, reminders of the lush green, that once was, and will come back, in another 6 months.

They have lots of Palm trees in San Diego.

It doesn't snow in San Diego.

I get my knee operated on in 4 weeks, and then I can be back on rollerblades, year round in San Diego, indoors in the winter in Michigan.


Well, the first round of interviews went well. I left on Friday, got back late Wednesday night, after meeting up with all the tribe on Saturday in SD.

We saw 11 houses with a realtor, visited 2 high schools, had 2 separate interviews and a dinner with the majority shareholders, drove a zillion miles and found time to play in the waves.

Short of it is, that two weeks from Saturday, I am outta here again, having two days of presentations to the "deciders" in the firm. Found out today, they are talking to another, which does not surprise me, not for what they want to accomplish with this new division.

This time, heading out alone, I hope to be able to rent a harley and see the countryside as one can only do on the back of a bike.

The leaves are falling, it's cold, and oh yea, it's raining. It's also late, and I think I'll head off to bed to dream of warmer, sunny places. After looking at house prices, I think I'll throw in the firm check-book to the dream.

Dreams are free, right?