Feeding Time Countdown

August 31, 2000

It was just a week ago today, that I began the second assault on the "phantom position" which I had seen posted on the net.

A flurry of calls and contacts and e-mails between me and the hungry Headhunter and the interviewing firm generated the necessary next step, which was a telephone interview by the head of Human Resources.

We got along very well, turns out she migrated to San Diego from town and said that a Midwesterner could be very happy in that wonderful climate. Knowing both cultures, she told me that she thought I would like San Diego, we thought the fight might work.

I asked about earthquakes - she responded with "yea but you have tornadoes.

Time for the next step.

Words like... "entice you to come here" were used.

Big smile. I called my assistant to give her an update on her unemployment status. She thanked me, and suggested that it was too bad they didn't know just how little it would take to "entice" me to come.

(I have as a matter of course, already found her work in my office building, taking over the functions of building manager which I have done for the last 7 years - should this all come to pass.)

So.. she is happy for me, I am happy for me.

Two days of interviews are set up for Sept 18 and 19. That's less than 3 weeks away, and my last contact today was with the Headhunter who informed me that the feedback was extremely positive from the firm.

She tastes the meal, wants to meet with me if there is time when I show up in town.

I figure I'll drop off daughter's rebuilt computer at Arizona State, and then drive or fly over to SD for the weekend.

Life can change in a very big hurry.

Headhunter told me today, she sure was glad that I brought my head back to the firm and did not give up.

Persistence - I guess it can be helpful.