Heinz 57

December 10, 2000

I have been remiss, stingy with my words, and it is now time to catch-up.

Curiously though, I have not been remiss with my time and my website, for it has undergone several changes in the past couple of weeks. I decided that since many visitors to the site get there because of web searches for quotes, I might as well give them a bit more for their money. So I revised the quote pages. I added a couple of categories prettied up the interface, added more quotes and linked up a new picture or two.

The Scanner Scene

After putting all the various computers into their places at home and the office, I was able to negotiate a price that I could swallow, and purchased the new slide and film scanner. I will be writing an in-depth review of the scanner in the future, but in the meantime, I can say that I am pleased and the scanner has performed beyond all my expectations.

At times I am stunned and gape at the computer screen like child that has discovered a treasure chest without bottom.

I am very grateful that I was able to buy such a magnificent machine. There is no asking the question of whether or not it was worth it, for the pictures tell the story. At least to me they do.

New scanner






Old Scanner






On Safe Scanning

Well, maybe I should call it, safe image storage. I use 4 different methods to store slides. Some are in the holders that are used by a projector, others are in the original mailer boxes, some are in slide storage containers that can hold over a thousand at a time, and others are in plastic sleeves. I chose the plastic sleeves so that the images could be look at quickly, and to keep them safe from dust and scratches.

It turns out that the plastic has begun to deteriorate over the years, releasing a film of PVC gas that has attached dust and bubbles of goo to many of my "best" images.

A trip to a professional camera store sent me home with over $150 dollars worth of cleaning and storage supplies. New sleeves are made of "archival quality" PVC free plastic, and are crystal clear for easy viewing. I have a lint free glove on my left hand to hold the slides while I spray $80 quart film cleaner on special "Non Abrasive, Lint-Free, Ultra-Soft wipes, and then slide the newly cleaned slide into a plastic mount. Cardboard mounted slides have to be ripped apart so that they can be properly cleaned, and thus, Dr. Michael Jackson, diligently cleans slides before exposing them to the scanner.

Hours spent cleaning are hours that cannot be spent writing.

However, I am hopeful that the time spent on Safe Scanning, will lead to fertile moments of pleasure viewing the end results.

Speaking of Doctors

Soon to appear in an operating theater near you, (well some of you at least) Mrs. NSR, PA-C (Physician Assistant - Certified). Since the San Diego job opportunity has done more than bite the dust, Mrs. NSR set about to seek employment. Wouldn't you know, just as she was about to take a job in Dermatology, she was offered a chance to apply for the one she "really" wanted, one in neuro-surgery. Nice deal. Mrs. NSR gets offered two jobs in one week, and I don't get my phone calls or e-mails returned from San Diego.

I am smiling though, since she is excited, and job number two came through with even more money that the first which presents me with a slight problem, notably, NOW WHAT DO I DO?

Since Mrs. NSR will be able to float the economic boat around these parts, and since I will go into January with most of my year's income earned, a MR. MOM question raises its head. Several options were discussed, including working on the Civil War diary project that I started last year.

Interesting thoughts all of them, but I think that we will wait till after the holidays and the brain surgery assisting starts for real.

Scalping, Ripping off the Public, or NSR goes GLOBAL

This entry has gone on long enough. We went to Toronto this past weekend for a "friendly" hockey tournament and somehow I got my mug plastered on Canadian National Television. News at 6 and 11 - the GLOBAL News Network. I guess you will just have to wait a day or so to read all about it.

Speaking of Canada, I am very happy with the digital image of the lights in downtown Toronto.