Hot Dog

October 18, 2000

You know, they come in all shapes and sizes, those dogs.

Ball Park franks,

Foot long

Plain old...

but you know when you got a good dog, it's a good one - especially if you like em covered with gobs of chili, a smattering of onion and a dash of mustard.

A great coney - as they are known in these parts.

Maybe it's because I'm off to get a coney that I have this Hot Dog metaphor in my head.

I got a call - Finally - on Tuesday. The head hunter says to me... that the firm's Director who told me I would get an offer on Thursday, and then delayed it to Monday, and then didn't call on Monday, wasn't "really in a position to make an offer."

Let's see, this is the same guy that told me California on Tuesday that I should go ahead and make the offer on the house?

This is one of two "majority shareholders."

This is the guy who wants me to work with their business owner clients?

Business owners, seems to me, don't put up with that kind of behavior.

Business owners, seems to me, run around in life with the motto, "If you want to run with the dogs, you can't pee like a puppy."

Business owners, don't say they have the authority to do something and then hide behind "shareholder questions."

Seems to me, that if you sincere about what you were doing, you would have put all the questions on the table in advance. Seems to me you would not have jerked my and my family emotions around like this.

Seems to me, that in the world of hot dogs... there is one word for you folks...


I'll give em one more chance with a phone call, but that which was 95% positive last week, has turned to 95% negative this week.

Anyone wanna bungie jump?