14 Day Hourglass

September 6, 2000

It's filled with sand this hourglass - 14 days left in it.

Friday I went ahead and booked myself a flight, stopping in Arizona to deliver a computer to eldest, and then a Sat flight over to the great western ocean.

Very late in the day I got a call from the HR person at the firm, and while discussing my schedule, she asked if I was planning to bring Mrs. NSR. I thought for a minute and said I would see what I could do, depending on what we would do with the "indians" to be left behind.

After hanging up the phone, I thought that the "plan" had begun to get more serious. I went back online to check airfares again.

Now, here's a special note to those of you who fly out of "hub" airports. Skip the cheap fares dot complaces, skip the travel agents, and go right to the airline sites of the airlines who don't command the market in the "hub" city. Come to find out, some of them offer fares on their web sites which are
considered "non-published." This means that if you have some free travel voucher money, they can't be used for the el-cheapo fares. You can't make a reservation over the phone, you can't use a travel agent.

Web fares only - You pay, you fly. You wanna change something, you buy another ticket. You buy online with a credit card.

But the price... instead of $600 round trip - $275.

The indians can miss a couple of days of school. Besides, they are a big part of the decision making process.

My flights are a bit convoluted, but we all arrive in San Diego on the same day, and back home on the same day.

Teenagers are getting excited about the house. I get to see big random grins from time to time.

Looking at the computer screen the other night, Mrs saw the youngest IM a friend, "Even if I'm not wild about going, I'm not going to be taken kicking and screaming. Hey it is California."

HR interview on Monday, head of firm interview on Tuesday.

The way I figure it, if nothing else happens, we all will have had a long weekend on the beach, and the school will still be there when we return.

I'm not so sure I am.