Nucking Fumbers

April 18, 2000

I've been quiet for quite a long time now, weeks actually.

The culprit is the numbers.

A friend needed my help. When I needed help, he was there, so I obliged.

I was not quite sure just how much he would need my "help," but now, after the fact, it is quite clear.

The way I figure it, I worked the past several weeks on thousands upon thousands of numbers. Read this, analyze that, make a graph.

Well, that's what I do.

We sat at the conference table and I said to him, tell me what to say here.

He responds, you are the word guy, you think it up.

I say, well, if I am the word guy, then how come for the past 2 weeks all I have worked with is graphs.

He says.... well, isn't a picture worth a thousand?

In this case, seems to me, more like a million, dollars that is.

I wanted to write, really I did. However, working till 2:30 am, fries the brain, and working with numbers week after week, tends to make you dream in numbers.

I have entries written in my head, and on my laptop, but nothing which deserves the light of day. Soon I hope.

Meanwhile, only a day or two more of numbers, or is if fumbers?

I am after all, being paid well, and he is my friend.

I just have to keep telling myself that, a few more times than you might think.

And the end of the story, the friend made the millions.

And I got paid what I asked.