Wait, It's a Phone Call

October 13, 2000

Telling me of course... that I need to wait.

He called about an hour after I wrote the last entry about waiting, wanting to let me know that since he said he would be back to me on Thursday, he was, only with the news that they would have to wait till Monday to put something together.

No surprise to me, especially since the Human Resources manager was off attending meetings for 3 days.

But he did say they had decided one thing, that the start date would be December first, time I think, for my knee to heal after scheduled surgery on the 26th.


It's a great Midwestern Indian summer day, the sun is out, the sky is blue, and I am going to leave early to go home and ...


Ok, ok , yes I will ride the Harley for a minute or two..

but if I am going to wait, might as well paint.