Reality Chekking

February 21, 2000

Well, that's over.

The punishment was delivered as promised two entries ago, and I told him to stand up tall and take it like a man. He did.

Just below 13,000 feet at the top of A-Basin, otherwise known as the "legend," he stood beside me and took one of many path's to enlightment. The sun was out and it took about 5 minutes to race the mile and half to the bottom of the hill.

He beat me.

Just about each and every time.

Keystone on Saturday he beat me.

Copper Mountain on Sunday, I fell and twisted my right knee immediately after exiting a lift. He beat me all day.

A rest day was called for dear old dad. I took him out to the deep powder and set him loose on a snowmobile. We took a tour up through the wilderness to a barren treeless bowl of snow. He did just fine.

The next day we went a different direction into another wilderness, again on snowmobiles, and he followed my lead, learning to make them fly.

Wed he beat me most of the time, at the "legend."

Thursday he beat me at Keystone again, although I smoked him on runs which had tight high speed turns.

Friday he took the deep powder at Vail, I looked for an easier way down.

Saturday we flew home, bumped one flight, and tried to bump a second, and arrived with two $400 vouchers in our pockets.

Mom picked us up at 1:30 am and we came back to reality.

The furnace was broken, and it was very very late on a Saturday night.

Ah, it's good to be back.

I replaced the blower motor today, and the heat is back on. Tomorrow the boy plays hockey, and he is back to one reality he really enjoys, checking.