Tether That Child

January 6, 2000

I had an interesting day today, and I wanted to write a bit about it.

I Dropped in on family who became instant winners of sorts, with a cool million dollars or so dumped into their laps.

After working with them for over a year now, I am really sorry that money does not come with a handbook.

If it did, I wonder who would read it and or follow it.

What's a million get you these days?

Well, depending on your taste,

First Visa and MasterCard paid off (a whole lot)
A paid for house
Paid for car
New furniture for the house
Nice pile of cash left over
Visa and MasterCard paid off again (lots)
A brand new car for the "in law"
Loan to another "in law"
Bleeding heart requests for money from other children/step children
arguments with each other about giving money to this or that
lots of "stuff" at
Christmas time
more credit card bills
Visa and MasterCard paid off again (lots and lots)
shrinking pile of cash
parent arrested for DUI and resisting arrest
charges that your child molested a neighbor
stealing parent's credit card to sign up for porn sites on parent's new computer
stealing in school
violation of probation
electronic tether

At this point I really feel sorry for the parents. I think they are trying, but their child appears to be totally out of it.

So what do I make of all this?

A couple of things. First of all, if you don't start early with the kiddies, waiting till they are 14 and arrested is not going to make a difference.

Second, money doesn't come with a handbook.

Third, having lots of money, often brings lots of problems you never could have dreamed of.

Fourth, money does not change your character. If you have no character before you got the money, you won't have any more after you get the money.

And finally, it's always best to NEVER TO TELL ANYONE IF YOU EVER GET A "WINDFALL." I am sure it is tempting, but there is no balance for the ego boost which is going to sooner or later be offset with domestic quarrels about what to do with your new found stash.

I really don't like the lottery.

Just think of who could be "your neighbor"