Where Ya Been?

July 25, 2000

A legit question I suppose, especially when I said I would write again.

The basic problem though, lies in the fact that sometimes life tends to get in the way of the world of bits and bytes, and the the stories pile up, the camera takes the pictures, and you wait for ... the winter?

Maybe, because in the northern climes.. we have plenty of that...winter and time indoors that is.

And this, being the end of July, means.. like last year at this time, SPEAKER TIME.

Been there, Monday, spoke 2 times infront of all those folks in suits and ties, even when you would think it would be casual... and have one more session tomorrow in the the morning at 7am.

Why over a hundred people would sign up to hear tax stuff at that hour of the morning beats me, but they paid for it, and I suppose I should be there.

However, I did manage a day or two before the speaking to slip away to the middle of New Hampshire and spend a fabulous weekend on my college buddy's 31 foot 1929 speedboat, the true image of the lifestyle of the Great Gatsby, a story all unto itself.... including the photographs.

And today while walking back to my hotel from a foot tour of Boston, I discovered the following quote under the statue of Samuel Eliot Morison, a quote which I find fitting for my lack of words lately:

Dream Dreams
Then Write Them
Aye, But Live Them First

Samuel Eliot Morison, Sailor, Writer 1887-1976

More to follow