February 4, 2001

Victory Lunch

4 to 1

One more game next sunday... and if we win, I am off to the salon.

We will play the team we beat yesterday 5 - 3

Mebee I'll have to put up a "partial" pic - if I am "required" to get my hair done.

Some of the other dads decided I couldn't be the only one, so I may have company at the salon.

Happy campers in our house tonight.

A couple of minutes into the 3rd period, score was 3 - 1 and I said to one of the dads standing along the rink. We need another goal, then maybe I can stop pacing so much.

"It doesn't matter how many goals we get, you wear out one pair of shoes every game with your pacing."

Hmmmmmm - Moi?

Oh yeah, and regarding that question about the man on the mountain....


Ok, I'll be the most natural looking dad, if I get my hair done.

Ok Regis, that narrows it down to two.