February 11, 2001

It could be either something in the air, or perhaps it's just the natural bio-rhythm of life that makes me want to expose myself this time of year.

I was reading a note to an earlier entry and decided to go back into the journal and see just when it was when I first "exposed" myself to the virtual world. Maybe it's the ski season thing, but last January when I wrote Free Falling I decided to throw in the picture as well.

Well, Monday found me on that very same hill again, only this time I couldn't wear my skis to the event.

It's not that anyone neglects ski events on purpose, but when both parents work, it gets a tad hard to be out to the ski hill by 4:30 on a workday.

But the middle child has been feeling "sports neglected" of late, especially since both parents end up going to most of the younger brother's hockey events.

This year I grabbed the digital camera, put on my hiking boots, bundled up in my down parka and headed for the slope.

She was pleased, and I was as well, especially since I was able to get a couple of great photographs.

Perhaps it's a girl thing, but after I took her picture she said to me, "Dad, You are the only parent up here."

I looked around, and sure enough, she was right. I was the only parent, in fact, I was the only one at the top of the hill without skis.

I had trudged up the hill in my boots, leaving the few other parents watching from the bottom.

"And your point is?"

"Dad, I want to go talk to my friends."

"You can go talk to your friends, I won't listen."


"Sorry, Charile, I walked all the way up this hill, and I'm not walking down till after you race. Besides, I want to get a shot of you going out of the gate."

"Allright, but let me get a shot of you first. You look like the abominable snowman."

I handed her the camera, and she fired off a shot.

"Dad, I know you are feeling old these days since someone called you "pops" but don't you think you should lose the poles?

"What's wrong with my poles? I've hiked all over the world, and my poles have been to the tops of the highest mountains in the United States, outside of Alaska."


"Ok Ok, so maybe the poles are a bit much."

"At least I made it up the hill!"