Flowers are Done

June 16, 2001

This evening I planted the last of em... so tomorrow I suppose I can take off for a day without any yard work left behind.

23 flats of 48 little plants - makes for just over 1,100 fresh faces in the ground around my house.

But now it's time to leave em for a bit.

It's time to Rock

Time to Roll

That river trip that was scheduled for Memorial Day weekend happens on Monday and Tuesday.

The Tahoe, clean and ready for it's last family road trip, heads south tomorrow morning. Eric, the car salesman I wrote about back in May worked with me until we finally put a deal together last week. While I am rafting, General Motors will be building us a new vehicle, and they will get this one back sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Blue becomes red and shrinks a bit as the Tahoe sized vehicle bites the dust. I put the big boy in the back seat of the newly designed Blazer and he fit. So we downsize.

But as things happen in life, we may just head this way again in the fall, throwing those extra miles on the new lease car. You see, since we are rafting on Monday and Tuesday instead of the weekend, we have a $200 credit toward another raft trip.


I told the kiddies I we would wait till Tuesday morning to make sure they wanted to book another trip in September.

Betcha they go for more rafting.

School's out.

Time to play.