A Truly Nice Surprise

May 5, 2001

Out in the world of the Internet at large, there are thousands of journals and diaries.

I originally began to keep an online journal at one of the web's first diary sites. But soon I tired of banner ads, pop up windows and all of the other pain that came from the "free" journal sites. I decided to pay for my own domain name and my own server space to be free of all of those nuisances.

Another of the reasons that I wanted my own site was to use photography in conjunction with my writing, and to create galleries of some of my more favorite photographs.

The wide wide world of the net however, can be a fairly lonely place, with few words of encouragement penned by those who fly by any given site.

The interaction of the journal sites does provide something that you cannot really duplicate in the more public world of individual web sites and private diaries, that being the encouragement and community of other writers.

I have also read over the years, that it is very difficult to "break into" the shell of the Internet journal world. Some have said that the grand masters of web based journals are a cliquish group, and the odds of getting noticed by them are slim and none.

This morning I received a short, and very sweet E-mail, with few words, a congratulation, and an attaboy.

Funny how little it takes to make you beam from time to time. It is only a 9k little gif image, but it sure did make me smile.

Category: Best Use of Multimedia

Ok, so I didn't win, but it is nice to get noticed.