Out of Character

December 4, 2001

It's December 4th.

I have daisies in the garden and a Christmas tree in the living room.

Alright, so that's not so uncommon if you live in the south, but at this time last year there was a foot of snow on the ground and it kept on falling.

As much as I like to ski, I think I can tolerate another snow free week or two.

And the Christmas tree? That is totally out of character, as I usually wait for another week or even two before I start to look. Last week I saw the tree and had it bailed before the tree lot was really open for business.

Kids asked, "What's up with the tree?"

Tonight it's in the corner, and it should fall into shape in a day or so. The tree is up so early that the marsupial smuggler won't have any mice to contend with this year. In fact, since airport security has become such an issue, she decided last week to sell them, and will head on to law school in the fall, critter free.

I'm working feverishly on a web site makeover, and I've also started a blog for entries that are just a little of this and a little of that, but I don't have it up and running yet.

Football season ended and the boy slid right onto the ice like he never left it, so that means weekends full of games and the occasional week night practice.

Where does the time go?

I don't remember my parents lugging me all over the countryside. Did I miss something?

Maybe, because I don't really have many memories of my childhood.

Note the long shadow on the daisy - sun low in the horizon these days. The good news is that in less than three weeks, the days start to get longer again.