2 Strokes

October 15, 2002

I want to write, but I'm unsure of just what to do next.

I don't like the feeling of being watched, maybe I'll just get over it.

Meanwhile, here's something that I thought I'd use to transition to another piece I have been thinking of writing for some time...

The other day I was reading an entry in a journal where they described putting their name into Google and seeing just what they came up with. I though it was a good idea and I put in the initials NSR to see just might be out there.

Turns out there is someone out there that calls himself NSRider out in the big wide world of the web... and in fact, it turns out that Honda makes a motorcycle called the NSR. I learned about it on the 2 strokes web site, 2 strokes of course having to deal with 2 cycle engine, and of no reference to my own stroking ability, or lack thereof.

And the bike?

Turns out it's a racer

Who'd thunk it?