Dis N Dat

June 17, 2002

I need to write more.

I've got a blog set up for quick notes to myself, but have not used it lately. I should.

Note to self - write more often, because in the larger scope of life the little things get forgotten.

Besides, it's spring, and soon there will be the trip to the beach, and and and... and as the twilight lingers in the northern latitudes, the pen is cast aside.

There is just too much to do when winter's cape is sluffed off.

First there were the flowers.

From my "pot factory" I proceeded to arrange and re-arrange and try and create different blends of flowers.

I did a couple of things different this year, in that I purchased several hanging pots from the farmer's market and then broke the flowers apart and used them in my own individual pots. The instantly "mature" pots I got out of the process was well worth the few extra cents I spent on each centerpiece flower.

All those flowers didn't rmind the week of rain we had as I tried to sneak in some planting between showers.

We've got all the rain and the west is desperate for it?

Global warming?

I dunno.

I do know that I am glad I dragged out the camera and tripod because a day or so after I grabbed these images, the rains came and knocked down the long stalks.