Divine Intervention

June 17, 2002

I get quiet when I need to think

I've been thinking a lot, reading less, and thinking some more.

There are three high-rise buildings along the right of this image. I parked my car in the underground garage of the one on the left and walked over to the elevator bank.

Having done this before I wondered just what I was walking into.

Would we click?

Is this a waste of time?

We spend most of the day and part of the evening on Wednsday talking.

Thursday at lunch I told him, "If you were in Michigan, I'd start on Monday."

He nodded.

I told him, this would be a lot easier to try and work through if we had another month or two of time. As it is, school starts at the end of August, and I leave at the end of next week for 2 weeks vacation.

I told him that I thought that in order to make it work we'd need a strong dose of Divine intervention.

At first I thought that a commute for 2 years might be best.

Now I am predisposed to just pack up and get out of dodge and land at the base of Pikes Peak.

Know what I thought when I saw it last week? I wondered to myself how frequently I would climb it if I lived in Colorado Springs. The great part of climbing Pike's peak is that for part of the season you can take the train back down. That would be great for my knees.

So now we dance around a bit. We've picked the schools, identified a possible job for the spouse, found three or 4 houses we could buy on a moment's notice, all thanks to the web.

Next I write a job description, even though said owner of the firm has not responded to some of my questions about long range planning and direction.

Then on Saturday we head on over to Lake Michigan for the sunsihne on the beach. Eldest daughter is flying in to spend most of the two weeks with us. That means when the vacation is over, we'd have six weeks left in which to conclude the deal, which includes taking son and spouse out to try and find the house, sell house and business property in Michigan, and then pack up and move.

I'm not going to sweat it, because in my book divine intervention is a good thing.

If it works it will be really really interesting ride.