On Eating a Harley

April 26, 2002

For almost three years now I have been without the use of an airplane, but have found substitution for my need of a “moment” now and then in the roar of my motorcycle.

I like my motorcycle, but I just don’t quite fit it.

Since a client sort of “gave” it to me, I’m not going to complain.

I just don’t take it out for too long of a ride, because it’s just too small.

For years I’ve looked at bigger bikes, but have not been willing to take on the debt that it would entail to buy a “road” bike.

Last year however, I had the best year financially that I have ever had. For a while I considered a “deal” on a used police bike, but looked into the future and decided that I just couldn’t bring myself to trust that the consulting job I had would last.

So I saved the money, and look wistfully at the big bikes whenever they roll on by.

Back in December I was told that the consulting project would take a “break” and here it is not started again and we are rapidly approaching May.

The money that could have been spent on the motorcycle is now paying the mundane bills like a mortgage and the like. Some of the cash finds its way into the coffers of the grocery store, and from time to time I think of all that chrome tastes.

How’s it taste you ask?

Well, like a good beer and a burger, or cereal, or BBQ chicken wings and gator-aid by the case and and and…

Well you get the drift.

The money is now running out and there has essentially been nothing new since January.

Yesterday I got word that the technical writing job I applied for has kind of evaporated. Well, at least my shot at it did. I got told in a rather unusual way, that I didn’t make the “short list.”

But she said, I did make the “long list.”

Whoo hoo!

I am trying to concentrate on the positive, but for each step forward, it seems we do two steps back.

Ohio says no, and a client asks me to quit running my own business and come run his. I’m considering it, only because I like the idea of doing something different. Something in the back of my mind says it’s a waste of my time and abilities to walk away from 25 years worth of accumulated knowledge in the business I am in.

Did I mention that my assistant is pregnant again and is planning to be gone for 3 months starting in November?

The middle child has her college plan firmly in place, where the tuition won’t gag us.

Eldest has settled in and sent her acceptance letter to ASU Law School and called yesterday all excited because not only had she fixed some issues about her degree, but was told she can graduate on the 10th of May with two.

I didn’t lose the weight I needed so that I could jump out of an airplane with her next weekend.

She broke her foot skiing so she can’t jump either.

I leave for Arizona next Saturday for a week. The weather is good and they rent big Harleys there.

I made more money in the last week than I have in the last 4 months.

Middle child is in Florida with a group from her school (another entry). They are competing at Disney for a shot at a national title. They won two regional competitions and their chances at the national title are good.

Winner gets to meet the Prez… You know, the one in the White House.

Daughter just called from Florida to say HI and I love you.

An 800 number can be a good thing.

Fifteen minutes later spouse called from Florida to check in. Mother and daughter traveled separately and meet up tonight.

Last part of the call from mom, “Well, we’ll know if I get laid off on Wednesday.”

Two steps

Who says white men can’t dance?

I think I’ll go home early and drink some Harley.