The Day the Music Died

July 30, 2002

Actually it's been dying for some time now.

I think it was my daughter's good fortune that pointed to the glaring contrast between what I hoped for, and what appears is not going to happen.

She starts Law school in a couple of weeks and has been worrying about the finances, especially since she intends to fund 3 years of school with loans. (Unless of course the big M word gets mentioned, but let's not go there.)

Anyhow, she gets a call from boyfriend's brother-in law asking her if she would be available to house-sit for the fall semester. I got the call with the details AFTER her plan came together.

She was going to pay 400 a month to share an apartment with two other law students. Now she will have the following:

The run of an 8,000 square foot house, gated of course.
Daily maid service
An Olympic length swimming pool.
Pool serviced by the staff of one of the finest hotels in the United States.
House across the street from one of the finest hotels in the country.
Pay of $200 per week.
Instructions that if all the bedrooms fill up with her guests (5 bedrooms) there is a pull down bed in one of the walls.
Whatever food she wants out of the freezer

Her obligations:

Get the mail
Be there

Did I say she was happy?

Meanwhile, I've been sending e-mails and talking with Colorado for the past 10 - 12 weeks. I sent my proposal relative to income over 5 weeks ago, and have heard nothing now in the last 10 days.

Do I sound happy?


Well, I suppose it just wasn't supposed to happen. I said several entries ago that it would take the divine to get it all together in order to move to Colorado by the start of school. Since the summer was fleeting away, I suggested a November move and that's when things got silent.

Spouse suggested I call.

I told her that I have been knocking at this door since the 18th of January, and if it were going to happen, it would have by now.

I said that sooner or later people need to let you know that you are wanted.

And besides, I never put in my deal that I wanted a maid.

On a different note, I have to say that when I was surfing another writing site today I came across an entry that referenced the theme of the week.

Known to be somewhat curious, I went and looked at the new theme.

Would you believe it if I told you I laughed out loud?

2 or 3 times?

The theme: Did you ever have an experience where you felt that your life was in danger? What was it like?

What I laughed at was the singular nature of the question.

That does mean once doesn't it?

I sense an entry coming on - soon.