Who Am I, Why am I Writing

4th Anniversary - 12/8/1998

Good question.

Who am I, and just what has prompted me to place my words out on the web for all to see?

Maybe to see if anyone is interested?

Is this talk radio. . . with no one listening?

I hope to encourage

cause reflection

share the ride.

Sometimes I have lots of questions, and I will post them, not expecting that there is an "answer" but that there may just be more questions.

Sometimes I might just write to remember. I hope it is a nice private and safe place to share my thoughts.

I exhibit extremes . . . in action, thought and mood.

I will avoid labels about myself.

Generally I have two speeds . . . Mach3 and dead stop. . .

I know the edge of life... my mind records all the details of the moments which choose to possess me - and from time to time I will share them here.

And just what is it that possesses me?

Feeling the roar of a F-16 screaming overhead at an air show...

The reeds in a lake as the first rays of sun pierce the steam rising on a cold October morning...

Fall Colors

Downhill skiing - especially in the Rockies

Flying at night

Jumping giant surf in a wave runner

Standing on mountain tops.

Rollerblading along the lake shore

The wind - and the sun.

Sharing one of those moments with a child... who also "knows" the moment... (age 5 - while jumping waves in Lake Michigan) "Dad, this is too much fun to be real"


Mine are priceless... So why are 15 year olds on the street who say.. "I have not one single good memory from my childhood" (Heard one morning on TV show at the gym)....alone and on the street...

Tell a kid you love them today.

I have also known moments of despair - but those I may choose to share sparingly.

And the name? Why the name?

I am a pilot. I flew airplanes by myself before my parents would allow me to take the car out alone. Often times I go out to the airport at night, and I practice, and sometimes I just climb and climb and watch the stars.

Come with me, and I'll share the ride.

The Rider