The Sand is Running Out


One of the great things about writing on the web is to be able to watch and read about events from around the globe.

As I sit here and watch the minutes flying by, I can't help but think of how other writers here have already celebrated the crossing into the New Year.

Starting in McMurdo Station, Antarctica, the party rolled on through Mrs. Mao's China, crossed all of Asia and is already old news for Edelweis in Belgium, Soleil et brume in Paris, Fire and Ice in Iceland, iridescent wire in Holland, and the entire cast and crew who write from England.

Marching on from sea to sea till finally Maui Kitten is one of the last to join the party, I wish the best of the year to all of you, even those who have long ago gone to bed.

Thanks to all of you who have helped make my life an inhabited garden.

Tomorrow I'm off to Arizona and on Sunday I've got a young lady to walk down the aisle.

Midwest USA, out.