Since You Asked

October 16, 2002

After I put up the entry titled Morning Glory I recived an E-mail asking about how long it took to get the background black in that imaged.

It turns out that in that particular shot, the background was a group of dark pines that I was able to select in photoshop and fill in with ease. That photo modification took less than a minute.

Prompted by the question I thought I might try something new the other night. I took my tripod outside and figured I would try to shoot the same flower against the black of night. Since the daisy is in a 10 inch pot, I can move it where I want, to try and get the desired effect.

This makes 3 images for this plant, taken on two different spots of my deck railing.

Illuminated with a 500 watt halogen security light, light was reduced till the yellow flower produced the orange look.

Same flower, different night, different light.