Super Crash


Sometime today I started getting error messages while trying to access my web pages.

I was not really that concerned, since outages with server sites happen from time to time. After a couple of hours however, I sent an E-mail to tech support asking what was up with the site.

Just a few minutes ago I decided to look at my files through my upload program. At times I have been able to upload files, even though the downloads or site views were not working.

Surprise Surprise.

No site files.

No directories, no sub-directories.

3 years of diary entries - gone

Hundreds of photographs - gone

Quote pages - gone

50 million bytes of data - gone.

Granted, I wanted to rework the site, and had just finished the formatting for all of the new entries, but cyber toast? I wasn't quite expecting burnt toast.

Not to worry, everything is backed up, and with a high speed connection, I can upload it all in a matter of an hour or so.

Question is, why?

If the server wiped me out today, what about tomorrow.

Since I was bumping into the 50 million byte limits I had decided that I would move my site in August anyway.

Last night I removed an entire gallery of images and pages related to rafting the Chattoga river in Georgia. It turns out that those images were some of the most sought after in web searches.

Those images took up a lot of space. After considering the fact that not one person ever left a note saying thanks for the effort, I removed them.

The playground of the web is, for the most part, a very silent place. I'd say that over three years I've had the site, more than half the people who signed the guest book were readers from a mirror site that I kept.

Now my floor of cyber space sits empty, free of dust and cobwebs.

Unless the powers that be restore the site, I think I will just leave it there, silent and empty, like so much of the rest of the web.