Trying to Blog


(But the reality is that it just didn't work out.)

I wrote for a couple of months in an abbreviated format, but then abandoned the attempt to write shorter entries in the blog style. So here we are, in 2004, on an airplane, moving the blog entries into the main archive of the year 2002.

02/17/2002 4:30 PM

I know that there are "conventions" out on the web for those who want to keep a daily record of their comings and goings. Unfortunately I don't have the time to spend the hours and hours I think it would require to set things up "just right."

So in the meantime, this format will have to do.

Yesterday I bought a light-box so that I can better sort my slides. Years ago I made a standup type sheet of plastic onto which I glued plastic rails. The only problem is that you had to lean it up against something, and over time, many of the plastic rails had broken.

This little gizmo has already been quite helpful, if for nothing else but to heave out many slides Somehow holding an image up to the light just does not cut it.

On this one, I can also lay a magnifying paperweight so that I can get a good idea of just how the images will look.

Daughter saw it and immediately found another use for it, tracing images for art.

Good idea.

Meanwhile I am working away at trying to rebuild my website after Interland had a server crash and did nothing to save the site.

Have I said that they suck?