The Hour of Power



I hope this thing I have for the moon isn’t getting old and boring... but there it was the other night, full and rising and low on the horizon, waiting for the shot.

And actually, I've been waiting for months to get this one, but every time we've had a great full moon, Michigan has had clouds.

And besides, I've got this new Nikon, no, not new as in this year, new as in 2 days ago new.

The pink pixel came back, and I was really bummed. I called the store and they said that since I was leaving for my photo shoot, and since I had already returned it once, that I should bring in back in and they would exchange it for a new one.

So that's all set....

Then there are a couple of other issues....

like the fact that we don't have any power here... and that means that airplanes won't be leaving the airport any time soon, and that also means that I just might not get out on my flight on Saturday .... because they are saying that parts of the city won't have power for days.

Last minute shopping is out - all the stores are closed.

Last minute banking is out... all the banks are closed, and there are no atm's working.

Need cash? Uh oh...

I just thought about that one as I typed it. WTF am I supposed to do without any cash?

I don't have any water either, so I suppose that means I should jump in the pool later.

We haul water in from the pool to flush the toilets. And you think this is bad? There's a writer I read on a "community" site that lives it all the time up there in Alaska. They power up the generator and she connects with the world through a satellite uplink.

insert a couple of hours here

Spouse came home early from work, and promptly notified me that she was bailing. She had a better offer from my parents who live in the north west corner of the state, and they have all kinds of power, and food... and...



so I floated in the pool and then ran inside when it started to pour, and then the power came back on for 2 hours....



but it was a tease - electric foreplay - and then it was gone again.

insert 2 more hours here

So here I am, several hours later, sated, primarily because I was able to head a bit north and west and I found a bank that was open, a gas station without lines to eternity, and then I got a personal refill with a couple of beers and a burger.

Life is good – well a bit warm and moist at the moment, but good none the less.

Tall cold ones tend to do that to me – give me a nicer view of life.

The generator is running the fridge and the freezer and the laptop power supply, and oh yes, a fan, since there is no AC.

So those are things that are working, but there are lots and lots of things out there that do not.