More Wonderful Adventures of Prudence


This last week Prudence pulled out all the stops, and almost went ballistic in my house and on my driveway.

It all started when I tried to roll what I hope to be the last "perfect" Christmas tree off of my vehicle. Normally I have help, although there have been a few times when I have completed the exercise by myself.

This was not a good day for a solo attempt however, since the 200 pound plus tree was a bit much for me to handle and it thumped the right side mirror right off my car.


Then on Monday MRS came within a hair's breath of being fired at her job, courtesy of a vindictive resident that she wrote up for some patient abuse. The hospital has been trying since July to think up some good reason to fire all of the PA's but once more fortune smiled and the MRS simply was transferred to another service where she will get way more practice in surgery.

Besides, she is happier and way less tired.

Last night at a work party one of the Dr's from her former rotation asked me if I thought there was any way to coax her back to their service. I laughed. She's happy I said, It's just not happening.

Besides, she's asked for 4 letters of recommendation and expects to take them at the end of Jaunary out to Arizona.

She too, is so ready to blow this popstand.

On Tuesday I had slight business reversal, about equal to the cost of the Camera and Lens, but by Thursday, I had earned it all back.

Meanwhile, the tree is up in the living room calling for decorations.

I'll leave you with a couple of images of the standard fare for this time of year, a before and an after, both taken at the same rink, first the old, then the new.

At first I thought the same goal was used in each pic, but tonight I noticed that one has good paint on it, the other does not.

What the heck, I've got em, might as well show em. These next two are from our new "home ice" in a brand new arena at a local Catholic high school / seminary. The lighting is great and there is an elevated jogging track that surrounds the ice and makes a great perch for shooting pics.

And tonight's favorite image, one of my son's good friends on the team.