Nose to the Stone


That's the way it's been lately, head down, chomping away at the work before me.

Now that Hockey season has started there is even less time, since there are usually two to three games a week - and then poof, all the time is gone.

I found time to run down to Florida last Sunday Evening and was back home in just over 24 hours. Late Sunday night I did walk down to the water's edge and stuck my toes into the ocean, just to feel the sand, but that was about it.

The client is happy however, and so is the associate who brought me in to help him close the deal. That part of work is going well, but the rest of it, well, let's just say I can't talk about it right now.

Good news came in the mail the other day - in fact it sat in the mailbox for upwards of a week. I told my assistant that I had a great "genetic" report to give to her, and she immediately thought that someone in the family was pregnant.

No no no. I quickly added... it's the genes in the kiddies. Seems that Arizona State University has offered child #3 (the boy) the same 4 year academic scholarship that his sister got 5 years ago.

It's not a full ride but it knocks off a big chunk of the cost of out of state tuition, so much so that his schooling would cost less than his sister who is at the University of Michigan.

Well, not this week at least. She sold her ticket to the Michigan - Ohio State game for $150 and pocked the cash for spending money for her Thanksgiving trip to see a boy she met in summer school. Summer school in Germany that is.

While learning German, she met a young man from Italy who has been at the same school learning German for dealing with customers of the family business.

Did I mention that he lives just outside of Venice?

L, the middle child called this morning to say she had arrived safe and sound, her 4th trip across one ocean or another, and she's only 19.

If there is such a thing as re-incarnation, I want to come back as one of my children.

So I sneak a glance into the web and read a bit in this diary and that, and I wonder when I'll find a moment to write.

Until then, maybe I should just stick my head back down and get back to work.