Outed in 3 feet of snow


It's official

I'm being "outed" in in the vast expanse of the world wide web.

I'm going to meet another writer from the web - well, two of them in fact, husband and wife.

For the four years I have been writing I've kept me and my face hidden from view, but Saturday morning should change all that, provided I do get to fly into Denver and all.

All of the Front range was blanked with the storm of the century in the last couple of days - 3 feet and more in most of western Denver, and the same up in the mountains.

Last night when I confirmed my room reservations the hotel clerk said that the snow was up to the windows of the cars in the parking lot, and she suggested some of the folks were just not going to get out of there for a couple of days.

It is heavy snow, which makes for some avalanche problems, such as the one that shut down the freeway west of Denver today.

I decided the ditch the rental car and I opted for a bunch of extra dollars a day for a SUV with 4 wheel drive.

I also decided not to haul my skis across the country. Travel is getting to be a real pain, and new skis rent for not so many dollars.

And then there is the "outing" that will happen out of doors of course, first on the slopes of Copper on Saturday, and then perhaps with a second meeting at A-Basin, one of my favorites of all time.

Hell, just about anywhere in Colorado is a favorite of mine.

But he's a shredder (snow boarder) and I only use the long sticks, so this should be an interesting trip. The fact that he is 10 years younger might also mean that I might just have to push myself to keep up with the youngin.

But you never know, the old dog just might be able to stand on his own two feet.

I'm outta here, camera in hand.