Reaping The Future


I've had enough of this year, both good and bad, and today I am not in the mood to bid it a fond farwell. My feeling is more like kicking it in the *$# with a frozen boot.

Johann Kaspar Lavater once said:

"Who makes quick use of the moment is a genius of prudence."

Today, especially today, I feel for the moment, and only the moment.

Today we buried the father of one of my son's best friends. Just a week ago my wife handed him a bunch of photos I had printed up for their family. The boy is on the hockey team and my son asked me to follow him with the camera. Larry was only 51 years old.

And in August, Barry who was only 48 years old, dropped dead on his boat.

I didn't write about it then, because I think I was just a bit too stunned.

Let's not forget March, when another teammate was orphaned when his mother died after some simple surgery.

My son cried today.

Shortly after the funeral in August he stopped me at the door and said "please come home tonight."

Five clients died this year as well.

So did my Father-In-Law.

One of my best friends, Steve, beat off the reaper, but I suspect not for long.

As the final moments of this year are softly slipping away I'd like to remind you to enjoy the ride.

I hope the New Year is kind to you all.

  "I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past." Thomas Jefferson