Two In The Bush


What a difference a week makes. In less than 7 days the temperature rose a mere 40 degrees that means in my book, that it's Harley weather. Granted it felt a bit strange heading down the road with close to 10 inches of snow on the ground, but I was enjoying every minute of the fresh air.

Today I headed out past the ducks and on to the metro-park where I have spent so much time over the years. I anticipated that there would be some water on the roads from the melting snow, but I was not prepared for a couple of stretches of mud on my ride. By the end of the day both the bike and I needed a spin in the washing machine.

I had one main objective in going to the park today, and that was that I wanted to try and duplicate a shot that I was able to get (one handed I might add) a little over a year ago.

Things never do seem to change in life do they? Back in February of 2001 there was some kind of nastiness going on at a site where I have a mirror of this journal here so I decided to paste some tongue-in-cheek rules for reading in this diary. Back then we had a really warm winter and I had ridden the Harley out to the park and had wandered around it looking for something to photograph. I got my image, posted the entry, and wondered ever since if I could repeat the experience.

One of my usual paths is along the edge of this combination lake / marsh that teems with all kinds of life in the summer. On the eastern edge of the marsh is a boardwalk that must have cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars to construct. It allows one to peer into the marsh below, or to sit on benches and watch the blue heron build their nests in the "rookery."

Main Entry: rook·ery
Pronunciation: 'ru-k&-rE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -er·ies
Date: 1725
1 a : the nests or breeding place of a colony of rooks; also : a colony of rooks b : a breeding ground or haunt especially of gregarious birds or mammals; also : a colony of such birds or mammals
2 : a crowded dilapidated tenement or group of dwellings
3 : a place teeming with like individuals But anyhow I pulled out the new camera and lenses and knelt down on the ground. Since I did not bring my tripod I braced the lens against the top rail of the boardwalk and fired off a couple of images. One of the other photographers suggested that I come back when they were adding to their nests - as it is a sight to behold - especially as they flare their wings to land.

Althought I actually counted seven birds in the nests, here are two that struck the best poses.

Have I mentioned that I am really happy with this camera?

Well, in case I have not, I am.

Really happy.

But I have to confess, there are moments like the one I had this evening, when I look at a bunch of images and blurt out...


I was convinced that my preoccupation with watching the squirrels and the red headed woodpecker had caused me to miss the subject at hand.

You know, the bird in the hand thing.

When I left the park I was positive that I did not have the image.

I would have bet money on it, and I generally don't bet unless I am sure I am going to win.

Tonight I don't know what to say, except that it must just be the fast fingers....