The Bemidji Bank Shot


No, it's not some kind of elaborate reverse angle shot you take on the pool table, not even if you are playing on an Indian reservation.

In my case however, it's the start of what I hope will be a dramatic shift in our lives, at least for most of the family.

This story starts off back sometime in January, just before Mrs was going to head on out to see our daughter and to try and look for a job in Arizona. We went onto various web sites and found what appeared to be one of those "dream jobs," at least for her. The site had some kind of new online application system so Mrs typed in her resume and hit apply.

She also wrote that she would be in town the following week and would be available for an interview.

No response.

There happened to be a name on the site of the HR person in charge of this position so I gave her a call and left a message in her voice mail. Let's name her Linda.

Linda never called back, nor did she return a call from Mrs while she was out there.

Although Mrs had 2 interviews while she was out there, neither of the positions were anything to write home about. Meanwhile, the "dream job" was still posted.

Sunday, February 8th found me sitting in a pew listening to the eulogy for my good friend Steve. As the presenter spoke of Steve's family and their history in that community, it suddenly hit me. Steve's mother had a brother named Ben. About 5 or 6 years ago I was introduced to Ben and his wife and became their financial advisor. They have been very happy with the investments and planning that I have done for them.

It also dawned on me that Steve had also introduced me to one of their sons, who we'll call Mark. Mark used to work at the same medical center where the "dream job" was posted, and he and I had over the years, had several conversations about financial matters, either for him or his parents.

The very next day while I was out on a college tour with my son I called back to the office and asked my assistant to call up Ben and see if she could get Mark's phone number. He just might know someone we could call to try and get this resume into the right hands.

Mark lives in Bemidji, Minnesota.


I'm not so sure, but I do know that up there at the headwaters of the Mississippi, it's beautiful for at least a week or two in the summer.

At least I think they have summers there.

So anyway, I call Mark.

Turns out that Mark was there with Steve when he died, and we talked about that for a bit, and then the conversation turned to the issue of the resume.

"Mark there is this position that's been posted on the web for about 6 weeks now in XYZ department in the big medical place. Is there any way you might know someone that we could call to see if they would look at Mrs's resume?"

"Well, NSR, seeing how I used to be the chairman of department XYZ at big medical place, I think I just might know someone there. I hired all of the physicians who are on staff in that department."

(Insert Sound: Thud; look on face: Astounded)

"Just e-mail me the resume and I'll send it on to the director of personnel."

The next day I get an e-mail saying "got the resume and sent it to dir of personnel. I told him to get it to the right people."

I called and thanked Mark for his help and then we waited for a response.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally, after two weeks, I decided on Sunday that it was time for another call. We leave tomorrow for AZ and I wanted to see if Mrs could get in for at least some kind of meeting about this job. Mark suggested that I call the director of personnel and ask what was up. Told me to use his name.

Monday I called and left a message that we were going to be in town and could someone please look over the resume or let us know something, one way or another.

Next comes a phone call from Linda who advises me that it's best that Mrs get the resume posted online, but also tells me she is going to get the resume to the next person in line, Bob. Again I call Mark, tell him that Bob is next in line and thank him for all his help.

Turns out that Mark is not done helping. Mark says to me; "Bob is one of my best friends, and I hired him. I'll call him and follow up with you."

Last night Mark calls me at home and gives me Bob's home number. I woke up Mrs and suggested that she might want to follow up.

Interview is now set for Thursday, after a positive phone interview.

It also turns out that Mrs and the Dr. that she would be working with will be attending the same medical conference on Thursday.

Sometimes the planets do line up, even if you have to try to bank the shot off of Bemidji.

Oh yeah, lest I forget. I got an "out of the blue" call from a firm in Mesa last week. My interview with them is on Monday.