Digging In

July 2, 2004

To the idea of new digs... that is.

I just came back from a whirlwind trip to Phoenix where I got to eat well, flop around in the pool a bit after the kiddies went off to work, worked a bit, and worked a bit more.

But there is always time for pics right?

Actually, its kind of easy to get up early in Arizona when you fly in from the east, mostly because for the first few days, your body clock is all out of wack.

But I went to Arizona for several reasons, one of which was to work with a couple of clients, and the other was to get started on a major

"Hi, I'm NSR, and this is what I do. Are you interested in perhaps trying to work out a deal so that we can work together in the future?"

We spent almost 3 hours on Monday morning getting to know each other, and a little about our styles of work and our philosophies about working with clients.

As I had left the office in Michigan late Saturday I was a bit frustrated because I could not find my notebook with samples of some of my work.

But after a quick trip to Best Buy on Sunday evening, I came back to my daughter's house with fresh paper and ink in hand. An hour's work that evening, and then another the following morning had me out the door, new notebook in hand.

As we closed our Monday meeting, I suggested that we should spend some more time looking at some specific examples of my printed material, as well as investment solutions that I used with clients.

Wow he said, about the work, and Wow, I said, about the view from around the corner.

 "At the latest, I'll be back in August," I said as I headed out the door. "Now all we have to do is work out the details." I do like that view from the corner coffee shop. Somehow I don't think it will seem like a The Daily Grind to me