What I was going to say was...

November 10, 2004

That is, before I was distracted by the night sky night on Sunday night...

And then there was tonight....

But it was colder, and the display was low on the horizon and a bit weak. I ended up calling it a night after just a few minutes and came into the house to finish up a project.

Actually that project was one of the things I wanted to write about on Sunday before I saw the night sky.

But that will have to wait till I mention the one way ticket thing.

So Mrs and I have been talking and we decided that we would perhaps try and sneak in a trip to Albuquerque the first weekend of December and spend some time looking at houses. The only problem was that the airfares disappeared just a day after I found them.

Mrs said to me, "Well, it just wasn't ment to be." Don't worry about it.

Little did she know.

So we made an alternate plan to run over for a day with our son when we go to Phoenix for daughter's graduation from Law School in the middle of December. We dropped a note to the hospital mentioning that we were thinking of being in town, and did they need to meet with MRS at that time. We also mentioned that we might be looking for temporary housing for her as well.

So presto bingo bango, she gets and E-mail back that goes something like, the Dr's REALLY want you here on Dec 1. How about if we buy you a one way ticket and bring along your husband for so the two of you can house hunt?

Oh yeah, the hospital president has approved us putting you up in a delux apartment for the month. We are also going to provide you with a rental car and we will fly you home for Christmas.

So what that all means is that 3 weeks from today (Wed) she starts her new job.

Wait a minute, wasn't this just an idea about a month ago?

My head is starting to spin.

And about that project.

Well, it's kind of exciting.

There are some folks out there that have said some really nice things about the pictures I take from time to time. Some sign the guest book (one out of every 3,000 or so) and some request images for things like college papers or projects for grade school.

And I don't know about you, but sometime when you write and write and write for years you begin to wonder, what's this about. Maybe you think, "wait, someday someone might discover me, or my writing, or my whatever...."

That's what happened to me, finally, as I just about turn the corner on my 6th year of photo journaling.

I was asked the other day to submit a couple of my images for a book that is being written on digital travel photography.

The book is being written by a British author and will be published by a Swiss publishing company. And if you have every seen anything that comes from the Swiss relative to photography, it's the highest quality stuff.

Ok, so there is no pay for the images, but the credit is given, and if an image or more is used, I'll get 3 books for myself.

The researcher who contacted me liked the "shapes in the desert" image above, and it did win a photo of the day award back sometime back earlier in the year.

Anyhow, the core outline of the book includes 10 chapters and I submitted images for at least 5 of them.

Perhaps one will be published, and perhaps not.

Meanwhile I'll just keep plugging away with the camera, and unlike picking fleas, perhaps I'll have picked a real "award winning" image, or two.

Hey, I may get a free book out of the deal, and some of you know, that I really really love a deal.