In answer to your question

July 27, 2004

Yes she did call (2 entries ago) last Friday afternoon.

We had a nice chat and I gave a bit of background to all of the typed words that she had in front of her.

At the end of the conversation she said that she had been somewhat surprised at the response, but I wasn't surprised by that at all. A lot of folks out there are wanting to change things in their lives, and hooking up with a successful practice would be an attractive option to many.

We left it that she would get in touch this week if we were going to pursue talking more, which would include a trip down to their offices.

Meanwhile I've got another phone interview tomorrow at 1:00, which sounds good, but the start of something new also brings with it the unsettled feelings of what happens next.

I don't like the whole unsettled thing. I'd like to focus and at least have a working plan, so for the next week or so I have put some other client activities on hold as I, once again, "wait and see."

Meanwhile, I spent some more time Sunday almost finishing the powerwashing of the back of our house. It's been about 4 years since I last washed it, and since it's a northern exposure, algae has started to grow on the white house siding.

With a couple thousand pounds per square inch of water pressure, one can easily say "Algae be gone."

And that sort of works, except on the very top of the fireplace chase, where there are still about 5 strips of siding that I can't seem to get clean.

But since the clouds parted and the sun came out and blazed across the deck late in the afternoon, I decided to call a halt to the work and threw the float into the pool.

As I floated and watched the high clouds drift across the sky, I wondered if this evening could turn out like the previous night, and once again I'd find a sky on fire.

After dinner I grabbed the camera and headed west this time, off to a park where I've taken many of the images posted here an in my galleries. Half an hour out, half an hour back, and this time, busted.

No cloud, just a quick drop of the sun and me wandering around the park trying to see if there just might be a sunset shot somewhere or another.

Since I got there early however, I was able to take advantage of what is known as the "golden hour" - that hour either before sunset, or just after sunrise, when the light is long and golden.

This time the camera was pointed down instead of up. At the edge of the swamp there is a long boardwalk that actually crosses a good bit of water. And as the sun began to set, a lone swan was swimming and feeding just a few feet away from me.

In the image above, there is just something incongruent about that beautiful bird, preening in the muck.

And it's not like you can pose a swan either. I really wanted to try and get a shot of the drops of water falling from its beak each time it shook it's head after submerging, but the task was easier said than done.

Finally, I got a drop, but it was not the stream of drops I was hoping for.

Someone left some raisins on the rail of the boardwalk and I threw them out into the pond trying to lead the swan toward the sunlight, but, having a mind of it's own, it went left when I wanted it to go right.

By the time the sun had almost set however, I managed to get a shot or two that remind me of some of those old sepia toned prints from long ago.

Some days you point at the sky above you, other days at the ground beneath your feet.

Keep your eyes open, especially in the hour when the light is magic.