The Real Fisherman

September 8, 2004

Blue Heron, Leeland Michigan, 9/04

Now there is a real fisherman.

Or fisherwoman?

I'm really not quite sure which it is, but someone out there might be able to tell.

We had a nice warm and lazy weekend in Traverse City, but the sky was a bit too hazy for a lot of the images that I wanted to take.

On Sunday we headed out for a trip around the the Leelanau Peninsula because I wanted get some pictures of the lighthouse out on the end of the peninsula. I'm going to add a lighthouse section to the photo galleries but on this trip, I can't say that there were any views that were at all inspiring.

Maybe the next time, but when you have to drive close to 250 miles one way to get a picture, you often don't have the ability to be choosy.

Then again, when you do drive that far, it's important to check your camera before firing off a bunch of images.

On Saturday night I had taken a couple of shots of the setting sun and had adjusted the film speed up to see if it would cause a color shift in the image. Unfortunately, when it came time to shoot the heron, I still was shooting at 1200 ISO and the photos are way too grainy.

But, there will be more opportunities and I'll be sure to check the camera each and every time I start shooting.

I also found some time to do some site editing one evening.

I've gone through and added some entries that had been lost in the great diary crash of 2000 and I am working on some new galleries and have quite a few thoughts about things I need to write about.

All it takes is looking through some of my images and I am reminded of so many things that I've not written about. I've got five days of hiking in Glacier that I want to document, not to mention 2 days in Rocky Mt. National park, and a Harley ride around Yellowstone.

Let's not forget that there is a wedding out there that really needs some attention.

And a trip to New Hampshire and the world of historic wooden boats.

Then there is the mother of all projects, my civil war diary thing I've been working on

And and and...

I wonder where I'll find the time?

Oh yeah, the nest is empty, I'm supposed to have loads of time now.

I'm still keeping an eye out for a new opportunity however, and that may mean that we'll fly outta here at a moments notice.