Still Counting


We had snow today, lots of it actually, something like 6 - 7 inches of the dry fluffy stuff.

The roads are a disaster

I planned ahead, bought gas for the snowblower, made sure it started and all that.

Every time I take the snowshovel outside I think of places where it does not snow.


I mean like never ever.

Saturday I dropped MRS off at the airport and she jetted off for AZ and spending a week with our daughter before law school starts up again. She also took along the resume, because you just never know, and tonight after faxing several of them out she got a call within 5 minutes.

First interview set up for tomorrow evening at 5:45.

Woah... is this train moving or what?

I leave Saturday morning, and one of the reasons I was headed out was to see a good friend of mine that been taken off chemo and sent home to hook up with a hospice.

But he came to Michigan on Sunday and we met up on Monday. I was given the task of reading through all his legal documents, wills and trust and all, and charting out who is supposed to get what and when.

My friend looks like death.

We plan to meet next week again in Arizona, but who knows, he is so frail he could die any day.

I'm tired of death.

It's been a good week for Mrs to be gone, as I've had a ton of work to do for another one of my best friends / business associates. We met on Saturday morning for 3 hours, and then again at my house on Sunday for another 4.

I spent all day Tuesday with him and didn't get home till 9:30, that after not getting home on Monday till 11:30.

I think I need a vacation.

And although I've got one or two business things to do when I get to Arizona, I think I'm going to take a day or two and rent a Harley and just go ride and ride and ride.

And yes.. I plan to take the new camera along for the ride.

Up above, I was playing around with something other than hockey pictures. Since one of my Christmas presents was a book on photography, I decided to test some of the techniques I was reading about, most notably that some of the better photographers take some seriously long exposures.

This one was taken over 25 seconds, and the streak of light was a car that drove through the frame while the image was being exposed.

Nothing dramatic, I just thought it was kind of interesting.