Clouds and Sky

Wed, Sept 28, 2005

New Mexico does offer more than "just" sunshine.

Lots of times there are clouds, and then there are those times when the wind rolls in and it blows and it actually rains for a bit, and then the sky clears for a second and then it rains some more.

Today I was almost blown off my motorcycle on the way home from class.

It was a clear blue afternoon when I left just after noon, and I had checked the weather to see if there were any storms on the horizon.

Smooth sailing, so I thought.

Then I got out of class at 3, brushed off the water from my seat and looked at the darkening sky. The temperature had dropped some 20 degrees and I was a bit cool in my t-shirt, not to mention that it got cooler in the occasional sprinkle ahead of the storm.

But I beat the rain and came in to do some homework online.

Just as I sat down to my computer I noticed the window shade beside me was rather bright. I lifted one of the blinds and got up as soon as I saw a bit of sunlight.

I knew what it just might mean.

Half a double rainbow to the left of the house...

And the other half to the right.

Then the light dimmed, but focused as a ray through the rainbow to the left

peering out of a parting of the clouds to the west.

And I thought that if I drove up into the hills behind the house I might see more rainbows, but the sliver of light was just too small.

Frequently it seems, the sun figures out a way to have the last word.