Fire in the sky

December 21, 2005

There was fire in tonight's sky.

Somehow it seems appropriate, this being the last sunset of the shortest day of the year. Officially the winter solstice is at 22 minutes after midnight, GMT. I'm not sure how that works, with it being just after midnight in London and all. But even if I'm counting a day in advance, I'll call it a celebration of the end of the darkness.

I've just consulted the official sources on sunrises and sunsets and it's official, December 22, 2005 brings us one more minute of daylight that when I took this photo.

Even with the short days however, I think I've seen more sunlight in the 4 months I've been here than I have in the last 4 years in Michigan.

Have I mentioned that I'm glad I'm not there any more?

Tomorrow it will be 60 here, and 33 with freezing rain in Detroit.

I've wanted to write about this and that, but life seems to have gotten in the way of a lot of things lately.

My daughter and son are home for most of the holiday and the girl's boyfriend flew in from Italy to spend the next two weeks with us. The two of them are off for a day trip tomorrow and the boy wants to play hockey at the local rink. Mrs. is working so it just might be time for a hike.

The plans are made and the tickets are purchased for a return trip to Michigan at the end of the first week of January. Ugly time to be there, ugly reason as well. For a lot of different reasons, mostly because of family travel issues, the funeral for my MIL won't be held till Saturday, January 7th.

I decided to head back with my two kiddies, one of which is returning for school, the other was going to spend a week in the hood chillin with his old friends.

Now we'll add a funeral.