Frogs for Easter

March 27, 2005

Nope, no bunnies at my house today.

No bunnies at all.

No bunnies, no candy, no cookies.

So it goes.

In fact, I'm sitting at the office on Easter Sunday afternoon because there is no one about and I got a call from my realtor asking if it was ok for someone to show my house today. I told him to go ahead and bring on the frogs.

I'm quite sure however, that if the folks walking through my house knew we were calling them frogs, they would not be amused.

For example, I got a follow up e-mail the other day in which Chuck the realtor writes - 'XYZ realtor and frog #2 say that....."

And where does this frog thing come from you ask?

Well, a couple of weeks ago when I listed the house with the flat fee broker we were talking about how different people react to different houses, and how someteimes you've got to see lots and lots of houses before you find the one that is just right.

Kind of like the old saying that one has to kiss a lot of frogs before finding a prince.....

So I say, there may be lots and lots of no's out there, all I need is one yes. I figure the quicker the frogs hop through the house the sooner I'll be on my way to more sunshine.

And sometimes, when you are lying in the dirt taking pictures of the flowers, if you look under the flowers, you just might find what the frogs, or elves, get to see.

Those flowers are from last year, still a bit early in this clime.

Happy Easter.