Pushing Jello

November 22, 2005

That's where I've been, pushing jello.

Yeah right. Explain please.

It's this legal stuff. It seems at times to be like a large block of jello on a berber carpet. I don't know if you know this, but stuff is very hard to move on berber carpets.

And this jello, you push on the right side, and all it does is bulge on the left.

You go to the left side....

You get the drift.

But guess what, classes are over, well almost. Only 2 more days of classes and this first semester is over except for the exams, the last of which is on December 16.

I walked into the law school to consider the idea on December 1, 2004. Here we are, less than one year later and one class is finished, and my first exam is on December 7th.

The first semester is done.

And I only pulled one all nighter all semester.

I've decided I'm getting too old for that shit.

Son tells mom that he went to the library last night and after his all nighter, popped out a 17 page paper. Mine was only 12, but here is the deal. At 2 am I decided that I didn't like the case I was presenting, so I reversed it and took the other side. The paper was due at noon the next day.

After a three hour nap I finished it up and pressed send at 11:58.

I wonder where the boy gets it from?

I've also snuck in a ride or two on my harley. I live 1.5 miles from route 66 and from my house to the summit of the mountain is a 30 mile ride, plenty of curves, and only two traffic lights.

The only thing is, 65 at the bottom is a nice fall ride, but it's 45 at the top and the wind was blowing, and there were traces of snow on the ground. I wish I had taken my gloves.

And speaking of bikes, I got a new one, the kind you push around with pedals. Imagine that.

We have great bike trails here in Albuquerque, but since this is a road bike, and there are fabulous off road trails around as well, I'm seeing one those in the future as well.

I rode 18 miles on this trail the day after I got the bike...

and discovered that even a 4 or 5 mph wind in your face makes for a much tougher ride on the way back.

I've been hiking a lot as well, and taking lots of photos, so much so that I've decided to add a new section to my web site, with descriptions and such of the various trails.

That's taken some of my time, and although I've got the structure built, I probably won't get the first entry done till sometime this weekend.

One of the hikes is through a great slot canyon at a place named tent rocks.

This was one of the nicest hikes that I've taken in a long time.

But you know how the government is, they have to name things in a "G" rated format.


I nicknamed this national monument penis point.


This year marks the 50th anniversary of New Mexico's only deadly commercial airplane crash. Back up in that canyon a TWA flight with 16 people on board flew into the side of the mountain on an overcast February morning.


Everyone died.


I took two days to to do the route, starting Thursday afternoon of last week. Since the trail to the site is not official or well maintained, I had to try and find where leg one crossed a stream and then proceeded up another two miles to the site.

Using a guidebook and a set of GPS coordinates, I located the correct trail and went back on Saturday to try and make it up to the site.


And speaking of gps and all, I just purchased a set of computer topo maps for New Mexico that allows me to download the hikes onto the map when finished...

and, I can show folks what to expect on their hike like this profile from Saturday.


I can see well in the dark, which is good, for when the sun sets here in the winter, the trail gets dark quite quickly. This photo was taken at 5 :10 pm. It was kind of a challenge to see if I could get back to my car without using the flashlight that was stuffed into the backpack.

Two miles and 50 minutes later, I made it without the light, and I smiled.

That's all.

Lights out.