We'll let you know

July 25, 2005

... about our decision.

Just when you thought it was all getting set to pack up and go, in falls another monkey wrench.

Over the weekend I set about reading the admissions packet that was sent to me, including the "mini" course material included for the first week.

I got through the first mini course ok, and found that it was interesting and provocative and decided to get into more of the mundane issues regarding parking permits, web access and the like.

Somewhere in that particular handout was a sentance that gave me pause.

"First semester law students are not allowed to work."

That of course follows the section about the honor code and the like.

Now mind you, I don't really "work" all that much as it is, which is one of the reasons I want to add a challenge to my life. But work I do, for my current clients, and I don't intend to make them go away, for even at 5 to 10 hours max a week, phone calling betwen classes or whatever, I am sure I can keep them happy, and can keep a certain amount of cash rolling in.

ew about the work issue before I applied to ASU, and their director told me that my type of work would not be a problem for them. This director however, told me today that indeed, my working was an "issue" and she would have to take it up with the dean, who of course, is out of town this week.

So I sent a letter of clarification and asked if it would be ok....

and the response is..

We'll let you know.


At least some good news was found in the mailbox just now. Mrs kept on the case of the boy and got him to write his appeal letter for the loss of his scholarship.

They gave it back to him...

Yip E!