Mass Mailing

May 04, 2005

I think I am on the fine edge of going nuts these days.

About 2 weeks ago I dropped an e-mail to the law school and asked when folks would find out about their status. The reply was short and to the point. "We will let students know by May 1 of their status."

So what's that really mean?

In my hands by May 1?

You mail it on May 1 and that's called letting me know by May 1?

I figured as much.

May 1 was Sunday, and there was no mail so I finally gave in on Monday after pacing around the office all day. I picked up the phone and called.

Same question but this time the answer was, "We mailed the last batch of responses on Friday. You should hear in a day or two.


Today is Tuesday and there is no mail from New Mexico in my mailbox, either here or there.

True efficiency I tell ya.

Meanwhile, tomorrow about 11 I'll be with a client.. but I'm not sure if I will wait on the mail or not. If it's not good news, I'm not sure I want to deal with that and try and get business accomplished.

I think I'll wait.

Meanwhile I ponder and wonder and work through possible alternatives, plan b, plan c, plan d, plan who knows what plan I'm on this minute....

The whole process of leaving town is rapidly reaching a point of it's about time...

Allmost all the scanning is done at the office. In fact the shred-it truck came last week and took out 32 bankers boxes of files and papers that were turned into confetti. I in return, now have 2 cd's of client data that represents a portable office.

And speaking of offices, one of the two has sold, closing to be July 1. That actually gives me enough room to buy a house in ABQ, but I really need to know about the Law school thing before we proceed.

And there are supposedly 3 people looking at the house this weekend, two of them for the second time. One is trying to convince a spouse to make an offer... it is smelling close.

I called the folks who bought my photo for the big party in Detroit and sure enough it's next week, and I had already booked a flight to Phoenix to try and help my son get his stuff in storage and fly back home with him on the 12th.

First year of college over and done with for the youngest.. where does the time go?

But I must confess, when needed, the kiddies always call in time to cheer you up.

See, I was sitting here at home on Monday in a little pain because I had just gotten a tatto on my forehead.

Just as I finished with the inkwork, my daughter called from Germany to request, of course, more funds in her bank account.

Who knew?

Not to be outdone, although she is 4,000 miles to the east, and the boy is only 2,000 miles to the west, he called as well, later that evening, just to make sure I knew that his bank was down to the insufficient funds level.

How did they know that I had BANKER tatooed on my forehead this week?

Must be ESP.

But I'm not going to complain, because today we got a brutal reminder of just how short life can be at times.

Less than a mile from my office today, in a 45 mph zone there was some kind of dreadful car crash involving 4 vehicles, the primary culprut being a big ass SUV that tore through a smaller car and then hit the other 2.

She was sitting in the left turn lane waiting to go to the dentist when he slammed into her.

A young mother with her ll year old son and 5 year old were in the smaller car that was sliced in half lengthwise. All three of them died.

The SUV driver, whose vehicle rolled 3 times after the wreck is injured seriously, but will live.

His blood alcohol level was over 2.0, and he never hit the brakes.

You leave the house in the morning and go to work, and by 3:00 your family is dead.

That's just brutal, and sad.

But in the goings on of life, I'll leave with a couple of images that I shot over the weekend.

My niece was married on Sunday, she's just a bit older than my daughter. Talk about bringing back memories.

And since I was asked to be the un-official photographer I was given free roam with my camera.

Kind of helps one from being bored during a long afternoon...