News at 11:00 - News Flash

March 4, 2005


News flash?

But it's not 11:00. Actually it's 1:30 am.

If it's a flash, why has it taken so long?

I dunno, maybe it takes time to do pictures?

Hey guys, spill it.

What do you know?

Well, I heard that he heard.

Heard what?

You know, the 6 day thing?

What 6 day thing?

The LSAT scores stupid. Everyone knows that's what he's been waiting for.

The law school admissions test?

Hello! McFly!

Scores? We got scores?

What scores?

Give it up!

Here guys, I'll distract him, you go hack into his e-mail.

I'm bored.

Can't we go riding?

Does this mean I've got to go find a carrier pigeon to spread the news?

Yes dear, find the pigeon.

This time, don't eat it.

When it's done, I'LL EAT IT!

So here's what I overheard.

He got the e-mail today about 5:00.

I guess it goes like this, the school he wants to get into has a median LSAT score of 155. Of last year's applicants in that score range and his gpa average, over 70% were accepted.

GPA? He went to school so long ago that won't even count. And besides, isn't 155 kind of marginal?

No, it's top 1/3 and evidently good enough for over half the law schools in the country.

So now what?

I hear he has to write this 5-7 page personal statement telling about why he wants to go to that school and why he's a wonderful candidate, yadda yadda.

And then there's the issue of none of his transcripts being in place yet, or the letters of recommendation, or that personal statement thing not being written yet.

When's it all due?

March 15.

Then what?

We wait. . .

and we pace.