Old White Guys

May 5, 2005

need not apply...

I always suspected it, especially since my recommendations came from very powerful old white guys as well...

The mission statement of the school in New Mexico says among other things:

In one respect, the education of people in a state where the so-called minority populations outnumber the "majority" population, the particularized focus of this Law School promises to provide a national model.

Translation, we are indians, we don't want no cowboys.

I've got a 1:30 appointment next Tuesday with the director of admissions at the law school at Arizona State. I was heading there anyway to pick up my son and get his stuff into storage.

I had already come up with this as plan B, which would include buying a house in Phoenix, becoming a resident of AZ and starting school in the fall of 06, just in time to go to school with my son for his last 2 years.

I'm pissed at the moment, but I've got to look at what the viable options really are at this point.

For the first couple of months, I was waffling around this idea and only really acquired "ownership" of the law school plan sometime in February.

An AZ plan however, would upset the spouses good job thing that she has going, so we now move into a period of more uncertainty, at least till next week.

I always did like the ASU campus better.