An Older White Guy

May 10, 2005

So today I had a half hour meeting with the Director of Admissions of the law school in a nice warm sunny state.

I wasn't nervous, primarily because I figured that a second opinion was not out of line, and besides, what did I have to lose?

He looked over the transcript report (not the full transcripts) and we talked about some of the course work that I had taken, mostly in the area of Liberal Arts. He indicated that he liked that. The undergrad gpa never came up, but hell, it's like 30 years ago, so what would be the point. Besides, at 3.85 it is up in the range where it should be.

We then discussed the two Masters degrees that I have and again, the course work was favorable.

My LSAT scores for this university are not the median, they are in fact in the bottom 25% for this school, but he did not give lots of weight to them, primarily because of of the total picture.

We talked about the recommendations that I have and had a great conversation.

So then I asked him the 64 dollar question, What about it? Is there something wrong here, or should I apply here for the fall of 2006?

He raised his eyebrows, 06? "Apply for now," he said.

"For now?"

"Yeah, for now."

And then we discussed the process and the objectives that I had some more when somewhere out of the blue he said. "I'm shocked."

"You are shocked about what?"

"I'm shocked that you didn't get in."

Then he repeated it again.

"I'm shocked."

Now that was nice! I mean, really nice.

I was begnning to think that I was missing something, having been a UNM castaway and all.

But the man said apply, so here I sit in the law library accessing their system for online applications and will be back in the morning to work out a bug that has stopped the process.

Before I leave AZ my personal statement will be rewritten, the fees paid, new recommendations requested, and then

OH Yeah..

We wait.